What is an allergy?

An allergy is an exaggerated immune response to a substance that is harmless. It is a physiological error where the body reacts negatively and inappropriately to stimuli such as foods, airborne particles and other stimuli. This can occur through contact with the skin, inhalation, injection or ingestion of the substance. Read more...


Success Story

Ever since childhood, I had trouble being around most cats. My nose would become stuffy and my eyes would be irritated until I got away. Now, since treatment, I can breathe freely when visiting my friends and relatives who have cats and don’t have to cut my visits short.

Acid foods like spaghetti sauce used to upset my stomach. Eating chips and salsa was a double whammy since corn seemed to make me feel dull and drowsy. Now, I don’t have any problems with chips and salsa, I’ve enjoyed them several times since treatment without any of my previous difficulties.

I’ve also noticed a big improvement since treatment on a number of other things such as dusty, windy conditions and cold, damp weather. Thank you!