"This is the best I’ve felt during this season in years!"

"I have suffered from allergies all my life. I have been on and off allergy shots for over 30 years, tried every over the counter medication and many prescription forms to treat my symptoms. My allergies kept me from enjoying my kids’ outdoor sports, camping, and boating activities with my family. Usually from spring through November of each year I would be miserable!! Last year at this time I was taking Allegra and prescription nasal spray just to function..."
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What are Allergies?

Allergies are physiological errors in which the body reacts negatively to harmless substances, food or stimuli. The reason your body develops allergies and sensitivities to certain substances is because of negative conditioning.

When your body gets into a weakened or lowered state, resulting from sickness or disease, the substances you intake at that time can be mistaken by your immune system as foreign, dangerous substances that need to be attacked.

More specifically, let's say you have a bad virus. Your immune system starts to attack it, as it should, which results in congestion, runny nose, upset stomach or a skin condition (for example). Let's also say that while you're sick you end up ingesting a lot of wheat, because bread is comfort food when you don't feel well.

Your body ends up misappropriating wheat with the virus because it computes that wheat is the reason your body is not feeling well. From then on your immune system attacks wheat any time it enters your body, thus creating the same symptoms from when the immune system was attacking the virus.

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