No More Shots
Posted on June 25th, 2014

I have suffered from allergies all my life. I have been on and off allergy shots for over 30 years, tried every over the counter medication and many prescription forms to treat my symptoms. My allergies kept me from enjoying my kids’ outdoor sports, camping, and boating activities with my family. Usually from spring through November of each year I would be miserable!! Last year at this time I was taking Allegra and prescription nasal spray just to function.

I heard about Advanced Allergy Relief of Kansas from a friend. Though I was skeptical, I figured I’d tried everything else so why not? I began treatments around the first of the year. I am amazed at the change. I haven’t had to fill any of my allergy prescriptions nor have I taken any over the counter products. This is the best I’ve felt during this season in years!
My husband and kids are amazed as I’m able to participate in outdoor activities without needing a box of Kleenex nearby. Plus, I have more energy as I’m not congested so I’m sleeping better each night.
I’d recommend (and have) these treatments to anyone.

Kristi C.
August 6, 2010

Disclaimer: results will vary from person to person

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